Calvin Klein Jeans

Calvin Klein Jeans is an example of the iconic American style. The brand, following modern trends, always loyal to the aesthetics of naturalness and restraint. Calvin Klein Jeans fans are united by the values that designer Calvin Klein took as the basis of the brand's philosophy back in 1968: minimalism, conciseness and sexuality.

In the 70s, Calvin Klein turned the world of the denim industry upside down by releasing designer jeans with his own name on the back pocket. This famous model is still associated with the infamous advertising campaign involving thirteen-year-old Brooke Shields.

45 years later the Calvin Klein brand has turned into a global corporation that includes several lines at once. CALVIN KLEIN JEANS is clothing made of jeans, in the production of which processing methods are used that consume less water and energy than in the manufacture of traditional denim. This reduces the environmental impact. The assortment also includes basic T-shirts, shirts, current jackets, elegant coats, shoes and unique accessories.



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