Cop.Copine - fashion story that began in Paris!
The legendary French brand of clothing - Cop.Copine has been existed for over 30 years. Its founders - brothers Alain and Léon Nédélian used to own a small workshop and very fast, they came to success in the world of high fashion. The fans have appreciated quite recognizable style of these young designers: a neat French chic that stands out of time and stereotypes.
While successfully, conquering new countries the brothers have not forgotten a family approach to the business, which is based on the most important consumer’s values: original style and quivering attitude to the quality of materials and sewing.
Creating the collection, the designers of the brand see before them a brave, exquisite and mysterious woman who can create her own style ignoring the generally accepted tendencies. She is practical; she likes freedom of movement as well as originality and fashion.
Every season, fashion designers take the inspiration from travelling opening for their fans of the brand new features of familiar countries, local traditions and cultures. Clothes is not overloaded with details but at the same time, it is unusual and individual.
For many years, Maria Joe de Oliveira has been the soul of the collections. Ms. Oliveira is an art director of the company. Her passion for travelling and architecture has found its embodiment in the best models of the brand. Together with Ms. Oliveira Cop.Copine creates simple but at the same time feminine and brave models, which are highly appreciated by women from all over the world! 
The basic styles of the collection fit perfectly into the wardrobe and stay there for a long time. The recognizable style of Cop.Copine is noble minimalism, femininity, author's prints and accent on the unusual cut. Undoubtedly, the brand designers take into account the fashion trends in the creation of new models, but in their unique interpretation.
Thanks to the original and thoughtful collection, each customer receives a completely stylish wardrobe for all occasions. With the help of a number of capsule solutions, you can create both a fashionable image for every day and an exquisite version for going out into the world. Moreover, the perfect cut will emphasize the dignity of women’s form.
The brand is proud of the well thought designs of the models and their ideal planting. Each model as a rule has its own "zest", which adds insolence to noble simplicity.
Unusual combinations of materials, non-standard textures and the use of innovative techniques and technologies are another important merit of the brand. In addition, accessories - belts, bags, tights, scarves, hats, complement all collections of the brand. They help put the final addition to your ideal image.



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