The MAX&Co brand is part of the Max Mara Fashion Group, one of the leading Italian manufacturers of fashionable women's clothing. The concept of the brand implies the creation of a whole image of a modern young woman — from outerwear to accessories. The brand's mission is Extraordinary Everyday! (Look amazing every day!)
The collections of MAX&Co present a wide range of products produced at the factories of Max Mara Fashion Group using modern technologies of sartorial art. The first store of the MAX&Co brand opened in Italy in 1986. Today, MAX&Co is a huge and successful network consisting of more than 400 stores represented in 50 countries around the world.
All MAX&Co stores are located on the central and most beautiful streets of the city, as well as in modern large shopping centers. MAX&Co is a choice of active, but not losing the femininity of urban women. The brand's new collection is a set of universal interchangeable components, ideal for creating a functional, but not monotonous wardrobe.



09:00 - 22:00