Timberland, a brand of VF Corporation, is a world leader in the design, production of premium clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children who prefer an active lifestyle.
Timberland fans love to relax in nature, are fond of sports and travel. For them, the quality, convenience and technology of shoes and clothing always come to the fore.
The founder of the company is a native of Odessa, Nathan Schwartz. Before the First World War, Nathan's family emigrated to the United States, and soon he became an apprentice in a tiny shoe workshop. He started his own business only 30 years later.
The whole world learned about Timberland in 1973 in the USA, when the first "Yellow Shoes" were presented to the public, which became the first waterproof shoes in the world!

The original shoes were made of waterproof wheat-colored leather. At that time, we did not know that we had created a new style icon, but as soon as the shoes entered the history of shoes, wheat (which we now call