FORNETTO - summer menu in the network of cafe-pizzerias!

04.06.2018 - 30.06.2018
In the cafe-pizzeria FORNETTO - summer menu!

Light salads, refreshing soups and traditional Italian dishes - in the summer menu the brand-chef of the FORNETTO network, Andrey Ivanov managed to harmoniously combine the traditions of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, creating dishes that are perfect for the summer - very tasty and very bright!

From snacks in the summer menu, salad with duck and goat cheese (599 rub.) Is a combination, albeit classical, but thanks to an interesting refueling it is able to surprise even the discerning gourmets. Interesting is also the salad, which combines salad mix, tuna, potato and egg - the dish is truly great both in taste and in its presentation. Gourmets will certainly like feta cheese with honeycomb and focaccini (389 p.), As well as a savory sevice of tuna with cucumber (489 rubles).

In summer, cold soups with lots of vegetables are especially tasty - they are perfectly saturated and charged with energy, but very light. In FORNETTO guests are offered traditional okroshka on kvass or kefir (299 rubles), Andalusian gazpacho (359 rubles) and oxalic soup (359 rubles).

What summer without loved ones is pasta, pizza and risotto? Choose: spaghetti with truffle cream and yogurt botarga (599 rub.), Ravioli with raw ham and parmesan (489 rub.), Ravioli "4 cheeses" with truffle cream (599 rub.), Saffron risotto with scallop (599 rub.), Pizza on rye dough with pear and gorgonzola (589 rubles).

Lovers of seafood will be satisfied with the mussels of Marinara (659 rubles.) (Do not forget to order wine for them), and meat lovers are offered a duck leg with sweet potato baked in wine sauce (719 rubles).

And dessert! Confectioner FORNETTO Anna Izotova prepared delicious sweet treats: a pear in wine with a chocolate-apricot mousse (429 rub.) Literally melts in the mouth, making a perfect pair of tea or coffee. We recommend to try a roll with air cream, berries and pistachios (339 rubles). And if you want something unusual, safely order a blackberry soup with strawberry ice cream (309 rubles).

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