New textures and scent in Limited Edition on VERBENA L’OCCITANE!

10.06.2021 - 14.07.2021

Verbena range L’Occitane is the epitome of freshness. Made with locally sourced verbena from Provence, all the products have this amazing, citrusy scent that’s exactly what you want on a hot summer’s day. Every year, L’OCCITANE is drawn back to thismuch-loved range and brings out new formulas, textures and innovations to thrill your skin and senses, and keep you feeling fresh all summer long. This year is no exception.
The freshness of  Verbena mingled with green & aqueous notes of Cactus in a thirst-quenching scent. Cactus delivers great hydrating properties thanks to its high content of water-binding compounds, which makes it the perfect ingredient for a summer range. 
New looks, new textures and lots of new excuses to treat yourself!