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График работы МФК "Кунцево Плаза"

Получи максимум от покупок с приложением КУНЦЕВО ПЛАЗА!

Welcome to Kuntsevo Plaza

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Получи максимум от покупок с приложением КУНЦЕВО ПЛАЗА!

Меры предосторожности в Кунцево Плаза

Pay for parking without leaving the car in the mobile app!

График работы МФК "Кунцево Плаза"

Рождественские чтения в МФК «Кунцево Плаза»

В МФК «Кунцево Плаза» вновь возвращаются Рождественские чтения!

Наши специальные гости: - Александр Олешко, Антон Макарский, Любовь Толкалина и Ирина Безрукова прочитают свои любимые сказки и рождественские истории, которые отправят взрослых и детей в незабываемое волшебное путешествие.

Встречаемся 16, 17, 23 и 24 декабря в МФК «Кунцево Плаза»!

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Художественные мастер-классы по субботам в МФК "Кунцево Плаза"

Почувствуйте себя настоящим художником в МФК «Кунцево Плаза» уже 5 августа!

Записывайте на увлекательные художественные мастер-классы, где под руководством опытного художника вы создадите настоящий шедевр!
Встречаемся на 3 этаже, в арт-пространстве «Корзина».

Время проведения: 13:00 – 16:00

Даты мастер-классов:
5, 19, 26 августа.
2, 16, 23 сентября.
7, 21,28 октября.
4, 18, 25 ноября.
9, 16, 23, 30 декабря.

Для регистрации на мастер-класс воспользуйтесь мобильным приложением "Кунцево Плаза": заходите в раздел "Комплименты" и регистрируйтесь за 1 балла.

*Количество мест ограничено

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Весенняя ярмарка на 1 этаже

Уже ищите оригинальные подарки для близких? Заглядывайте на весеннюю ярмарку!

Здесь можно выбрать интересные сюрпризы, которые надолго останутся в памяти. Украшения, мыло ручной работы, игрушки, шоколад и многое другое. 

Ждем вас на 1 этаже, рядом с магазином "Золотое яблоко". 

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List Of Restaurants

Bubble Time

Bubble Time – is a brand of special Hong Kong waffles with various delicious stuffing in 30 small crunchy bubbles! This original type of waffles has become a bestseller all over the world!
Choose your favorite sweets and toppings and create your own waffle! Delicious dessert with fresh fruits, ice cream, M&M’s, Snickers, chocolate and other yummies is waiting for you!
For those who is looking for a nutritious meal, Bubble Time has waffles with cheese, fish and meat.
To add a special delight to your waffle taste a legendary Taiwan Bubble Tea and Mohito made from natural fresh ingredients!
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Burger Heroes

7 (968) 322-6488

Burger Heroes is a burger chain with the original author's burgers. All burgers are made from Aberdeen ANGUS marbled beef, which is supplied by one of the Russian companies. In each case, the cutlet is complemented by unexpected combinations: for example, cherries and bacon, pickled dill and cowberry, smoked suluguni and onion confit.

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Burger King

Every day, more than 11 million guests visit BURGER KING® restaurants around the world. And they do so because our restaurants are known or serving high-quality, great-tasting, and affordable food. Founded in 1954, BURGER KING® is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. The original HOME OF THE WHOPPER®, our commitment to premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experiences is what has defined our brand for more than 50 successful years.
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Under the canopy of the tropical forests in Indonesia, the cassia tree produces the sweet, luscious flavor that is exclusively known as Cinnabon® Makara® Cinnamon. It creates a one-of-a-kind experience you can smell and taste.
After months of trials, and mounds of ingredients, we found the ideal recipe for our signature dough. Soft, sweet and perfect for baking, it has become the foundation for all our irresistible baked treats.
It’s often been imitated but never replicated. The smooth, ooey-gooey™ topping of Cinnabon® cream cheese frosting adds another depth of flavor. Painted all over our rolls, it’s a final layer to perfection.
It started with our MochaLatta Chill®, a coffee drink wrapped in blankets of chocolate flavor. From there, we expanded to include the rich, sweet Arabica bean coffees and iced coffees to perfectly complement our Cinnabon® flavors. 
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+7 (495) 771-63-03
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Hachapuri is a contemporary and vibrant Georgian dining experience, with two restaurants situated in the heart of Moscow.
   Here at Hachapuri, we pride ourselves on our inexpensive, simple yet stylish eatery with delicious, no-fuss food, hand-made to the highest quality with the finest fresh and seasonal ingredients.
   But if you aren't familiar with the Georgian spirit, you might wonder what is so special about Georgian cuisine?
   Georgian food is comfort food with a kick. The essence of Georgian cuisine combines culinary and cultural traditions with a passion for food and drink – to create a diverse and unforgettable feast of colour and flavour.
   At Hachapuri our main focus is the food itself. We don't waste time on the spectacle - your meal won't be interrupted by folk dances performed by awkward dressed-up waitresses, you will never find plastic grapes on our walls, bundles of garlic adorning our ceilings or be given a fat folder of a menu filled with photos of the meals. Instead, at the heart of our restaurant lies a passion for fresh and seasonal produce, outstanding customer service and, most importantly, gastronomical excellence!
Aside from our namesake Khachapuri – a cheese-stuffed bread baked in a wood fire oven, our specialities include the famous shashlik kebab, Lobio - a spicy bean stew and Khinkali - stuffed dumplings - all of which are too good to miss!
   Let's not forget about the drinks either - Georgian wine is believed to have been the first wine ever produced and needless to say these long traditions have produced some of the finest wine in the world today. We are proud to offer a range of fine traditional Georgian wines, as well as other excellent European wine, all of which beautifully compliment the Georgian cuisine.
   We also offer many other traditional beverages - Tarkhun – a refreshing Georgian soft drink made with homegrown tarragon, Chacha - grape vodka, herbal teas, quince compote, fresh pomegranate juice, coffee brewed on sand, Izabella grape juice and of course Matzoni, a famous milk-based drink from the Caucasus.
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Hleb da Vipechka

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Kroshka Kartoshka

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MID Luna lounge & gastro bar

8 (999) 991-5929

The menu includes original dishes of European cuisine, signature cocktails, laconic and stylish interior design, pleasant atmosphere, will create your mood. The concept is based on the search for the most successful combinations in the broadest sense - not only food and drinks, but also events and atmosphere. We appreciate the fullness of sensations and are sure that food is a component , which definitely needs an addition. We are a bar where new emotions appear at the intersection of food preferences and variety in entertainment. We want to share our experience with you and give you new impressions.

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The philosophy of the restaurant "Meat & Fish" is incredibly simple - the best products, the artful masterchef, reasonable prices and true-hearted relations with our guests!
"Meat & Fish"  is the first successful experience of combining two different formats: steak house and seafood restaurant. We work with two main products: meat (grain-fed beef, pork, lamb) and fish, including seafood. Cooled fish is delivered from Kamchatka, Yakutia and Murmansk. The geography of our supplies is continuously developing.
Up to date the proposal for alternative steaks is the most attractive in the city. It sells only for 700 rubles!
Individual attention to our snacks: "Thai salad with crispy duck", "Pate platter," "Octopus salad with avocado". These items have already become our hits. Original desserts are prepared by one of the Moscow top pastry chefs specially invited to "Meat & Fish". His creative products will impress any of dessert man.
The professional barista engaged by "Meat & Fish" will prepare the most "true" coffee for connoisseurs.
Our restaurant can comfortably accommodate up to 150 visitors. The average check excluding alcohol is 1200-1400 rubles per person.
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Restaurant-bar "Nakhodka" is more than 120 sorts of beer, starting from classic Czech pilsner and German helles, to imperial stouts aged in barrels, as well as 18 varieties of draft beer. Conceptual themes, a wide choice of seafood, 15 kinds of mussels from the classical marinara to mussels in curry sauce and Russian improvisation. Soon wine
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+7(495)790-70-90 (добавочный 220)

Италия стала еще ближе — спешим сообщить об открытии ресторана Osteria Mario в МФК «Кунцево Плаза»!

Традиционные рецепты в современной интерпретации и фирменные блюда в обновленном меню – мы сделали все, чтобы дать вам почувствовать атмосферу Italiano.

Горячая пицца и римская пинса, оригинальные чикетти, домашняя паста и средиземноморские морепродукты.

Сытно и вкусно, как и положено на итальянском застолье!


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Pho Hanoi

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Pizza Hut

It all started in 1958 in the State of Kansas (USA) when the brothers Dan and Frank Carney opened the world's first Pizza Hut restaurant, having borrowed $600 from their mom. Its success encouraged the brothers to open some more restaurants in the state including franchise-based units.
Success accompanied the case from the beginning
— 1958. The success of the first restaurant in his hometown
— 1959. Opened three restaurants
— 1961. The restaurant is open in the neighboring state
— 1965. Restaurants open network across the country
— 1968. The first restaurant outside the United States opened in Canada
Now Pizza Hut - the largest pizza chain in the world 110 countries - 14000 Restaurants - 1500000000 pizzas annually.
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7 (495) 240-8424
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8 (499) 719-7799

Sweet Lavka contais 20 stores of unique products and beverages from all over the world. Here you can try new products, find your favorite tastes from anywhere in the world and buy the coolest sweets and drinks that we select and bring from Asia, the USA and Europe.

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8 (495) 995-50-04
История кофеен «Шоколадница» восходит корнями к легендарному кафе «Шоколадница» у метро Октябрьская – единственном столичном месте, где на протяжении нескольких десятилетий гостям предлагали изысканные лакомства и напитки: горячий шоколад и легендарные блинчики с начинкой из шоколада, изюма и орехов.
С момента открытия кафе в 1964 году по сегодняшний день, когда кафе выросло в сеть уютных кофеен, «Шоколадница» была и остается законодателем «кофейной моды» в Москве.
Отличительная особенность каждой из наших кофеен – изысканный и уютный дизайн интерьера, теплая и неповторимая атмосфера.
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Shvili Bistro

+7(495) 980-77-97 (добавочный 308)

А что, если собраться на ужин большой компанией, заказать сочные хинкали, румяный хачапури и аппетитные закуски?

Новый ресторан «Швили» уже распахнул свои двери в МФК «Кунцево Плаза»! Уголок солнечной Грузии с традиционным гостеприимством. Организуйте приятное застолье в кругу семьи или друзей.


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Sushi Make

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Sytiy Los

Ресторан «Сытый Лось» располагается на 10 этаже в Кунцево Плаза. 

Панорамный вид на город , уникальное меню от бренд-шефа Андрея Колодяжного , яркие коктейли и самые зажигательные вечера. 

Здесь вы можете провести свой семейный вечер или придти в выходные с друзьями и насладиться живой музыкой , потанцевать под диджеев или спеть любимую песню в караоке . Ждём вас ежедневно с 12 до 00 с четверга по воскресенье и с 12 до 05 в пятницу и субботу .

 Как нас найти:

Главный вход

  • С правой стороны подняться на эскалаторе на 2 этаж.
  • Пройти прямо до указателя «Сытый Лось» ( магазин Falke).
  • Пройти по указателю к лифту , нажать кнопку «10 этаж».

Вход со стороны ул. Партизанской

  • Не доходя до входа в торговый центр слева вывеска “Сытый Лось”
  • Пройти по коридору до лифта, нажать кнопку “10 этаж”


  • Пройти к лифту
  • Пройти по коридору до лифта, нажать кнопку “10 этаж”
  • Найти магазин ” Falke”
  • Пройти к лифту от указателя “Сытый Лось”, нажать кнопку “10 этаж”
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Teremok is the largest restaurant chain in Russia, founded in 1998 and operating in the fast-casual format. Fresh food is prepared only after ordering without the use of frozen convenience foods and preservatives. Dough and fillings for pancakes, basics for soups and salads are made daily in their own shops and transported to restaurants every night before opening. The menu includes dishes of modern Russian cuisine according to recipes from the chef: pancakes, soups, cereals, cheese cakes and not only, as well as specialty drinks - fruit drinks, kvass, pitten, cider, tarragon and mead. Come try!
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7 (939) 840-6588

Our sushi is made by SUZUMO robots.
The freshest ingredients from the Far East.

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Upside Down Cake

UDC - is the first American bakery and coffee shop in Moscow.
Here, you will find an atmosphere of New York or any other western city. Our desserts ranging from miniature cupcakes, specialty cakes and pies baked daily using fresh and natural products.
We hope you enjoy our variations on the classic American recipes as well as a pleasant atmosphere, great service at our establishment to ensure that you will keep coming back!
Savory, American desserts, Wedding Cakes and Speciality cakes to order, Cupcake Pyramids, Orders with corporate logos, World coffee trends, Alternative coffee brewing methods
Press breakfasts, Cocktail dinners, Coffee breaks, Golf shootings, Delivery, Breakfasts, Theme workshops, Wedding photo shoots.
50% discount on desserts with special price a fret 9 p.m.
Take-away, Сatering
Average check per person: 500 rub
Seating area: 40 persons
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Вкусно - и точка

8 (499) 929-0783

«Вкусно — и точка» — ведущая сеть предприятий быстрого обслуживания в России, представленная в 62 субъектах РФ.


Главными принципами «Вкусно — и точка» остаются высокие стандарты качества обслуживания и безопасности продукции, забота о каждом посетителе и возможность быть рядом в любой точке страны, а также использование передовых технологий и применение лучших практик подготовки и работы с персоналом.


Каждый день команда «Вкусно — и точка» готовит для посетителей сандвичи, картофель, стартеры, десерты из натуральных ингредиентов. Разнообразное меню, удобная экологичная упаковка, улыбки сотрудников, быстрое обслуживание и доступные цены — это далеко не полный список причин, по которым “Вкусно — и точка” выбирают россияне.


В период трансформации бизнеса «Вкусно — и точка» сохранила свой штат в полном составе, а это 62 000 человек по всей России, а также десятки тысяч работников на предприятиях поставщиков.

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8 (903) 726-9251

The restaurant chain "Niyama" and "Pizza Pi" was founded in 2003. The concept of the restaurants combines popular dishes of Japanese and Italian cuisine, and the menu pleases guests with perfect rolls, sushi, delicious pizza and pasta, woks, burgers, a diverse selection of vegetarian dishes and the most popular drinks with amazing serving. Here we set the bar for quality. For the youngest guests, the restaurant has a specially equipped children's room and a children's menu.
From 12.00 to 17.00 on weekdays, the restaurant has a Business Lunch menu, in which you can order complex full meals from 219 rubles.
For regular guests of the restaurant chain "Niyama" and "Pizza Pi" there is a bonus loyalty program. It is very easy to become a member of the loyalty program: register on the website, in the mobile app or in a restaurant and get 200 bonus rubles as a gift. We are waiting for you to visit, on the 1st floor of the shopping center "Kuntsevo Plaza "(entrance from Partizanskaya Street).

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Суши WOK

8 (499) 754-44-44

Sushi Wok is the first company in Russia that operates in the fashionable take-away format. This is the format of establishments that specialize in the "ready-to-go" system. The first store opened in Saint Petersburg in 2011, and now the chain has more than 700 stores.

Advantages Of Sushi Wok:
- The highest quality of ingredients. The company carefully monitors the delivery of products, working only with trusted partners, as well as the terms and conditions of storage and sale. This way you can be sure that your order will always be fresh.
- Amazing variety of dishes. Among the variety of sushi and rolls presented by the wok Sushi chain, it is worth listing at least some of the ingredients to understand the great taste combinations of Chinese and Japanese dishes. The menu offers a variety of seafood and fish-salmon, eel, crab, shrimp, masago caviar and salmon caviar, mussels, scallop.

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Франклинс Бургер

7 (499) 150-7080

Franklins Burger are real burgers with 100% non-frozen beef patties on freshly baked buns.

Franklins Burger restaurants use only fresh food, and buns are prepared and baked according to the signature recipe in the restaurants themselves.

Cooking starts only after ordering, and serving for 7 minutes guarantees freshness and unique taste!

There are already more than 29 restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg!

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24 Hours a day

Parking rates for MFC KUNTSEVO PLAZA:
- Level 2 parking - only for car wash users:
   The first 2 hours are free;
  Each subsequent hour - 200 rubles.
- 3, 4 and 5 parking levels:
  The first 2 hours are free;
  Each subsequent hour - 100 rubles.
- Visitors to the MORI Cinema and the WORLD CLASS club - 3 hours free of charge, upon presentation of a WORLD CLASS bracelet (card) or a ticket to the MORI Cinema.
- Parking is free for large families, disabled people and WWII veterans.
- Validation (zeroing) of the parking ticket is carried out upon presentation of the relevant document at the information desk on the 1st floor.
- Restoration of a lost ticket - 500 rubles + the cost of the time spent in the parking lot.

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