Women' Secret

Women'secret is a brand offering underwear, sleepwear, accessories and swimwear for today's woman. We create exciting new ideas to make life simpler and more fun, on occasions
provoking feelings and emotions and on others offering solutions. We are specialists in the female world: a brand created for and by women.
   We work to develop a global brand capable of combining prestige, femininity, modernity and excellent prices. women'secret is part of the Grupo Cortefiel Europe's fifth biggest textile group. women'secret was created in 1993, and the first store opened in the centre of Madrid, Spain. The objective was to become a leader in creativity, efficiency and sensitivity in the underwear and lingerie sector. Its success has been unstoppable and in 2001 the firm embarked on its international expansion strategy. Today, women'secret has more than 520 stores in over 40 countries.



10:00 - 22:00