Суши WOK

Sushi Wok is the first company in Russia that operates in the fashionable take-away format. This is the format of establishments that specialize in the "ready-to-go" system. The first store opened in Saint Petersburg in 2011, and now the chain has more than 700 stores.

Advantages Of Sushi Wok:
- The highest quality of ingredients. The company carefully monitors the delivery of products, working only with trusted partners, as well as the terms and conditions of storage and sale. This way you can be sure that your order will always be fresh.
- Amazing variety of dishes. Among the variety of sushi and rolls presented by the wok Sushi chain, it is worth listing at least some of the ingredients to understand the great taste combinations of Chinese and Japanese dishes. The menu offers a variety of seafood and fish-salmon, eel, crab, shrimp, masago caviar and salmon caviar, mussels, scallop.



10:00 - 22:00