For more than 80 years we develop and improve our business, allowing us to become one of the leading manufacturers of textile design in the world. At the same time, Togas remains a family business, which bears the name of its owner since its beginning.
  In 1962, Elias Togas opened a business in Greece, making uniforms for the Greek army. In the 70’s, superior quality made Togas his name when he entered a new market and started to produce linens with exquisite embroideries. Elias’ business was continued by his son: who founded a new direction for the business, internationally trading famous Greek furs.
«Dreams…There are as many, as the amount of people in the world. Therefore, our assortment is so large. We must actualize each of them.»
In the 80’s Togas continued to grow rapidly, keeping loyalty to traditions of the family business. The range of brands was constantly expanding. Handmade curtains, pillows, bedspreads, blankets, robes, towels -the Togas brand became the standard of flawless taste, recognized throughout all of Greece.
In 1991the company entered the international market and a year later became one of Greece’s leading exporters on home textiles. In 1993, Togas opened its representative office in Moscow, as well as its own network of stores in Athens under the brand Aslanis Home.
«Personal touch- should be felt by not only our boutique visitors, but our internet clients as well. After all, people trust us with the most personal, the most expensive - their dream.»
Today Togas - with manufacturing facilities, finished product warehouses, and a strong and increasing network of Togas branded boutiques across the country.Our product range includes more than 3000 items and is continually expanding.
«Our mission to create the Togas World. An exceptional and total shopping experience offering fine quality and distinguished textile design creations for homes.»