VASSA&Co Company was founded in Russia in the beginning of 2000 to create a conceptually new Russian brand, which could be compared to the leaders of world fashion scene. Also in 2000 the first industrial line pret-a-porter in Russia was brought into circulation and the first four VASSA&Co stores were opened in Moscow.

Love to minimalism is in the DNA of the brand. When creating her collections, Vassa uses her beloved method - she refuses to use decorative elements in favor of simple forms. Today Vassa is one of the most consistent designers in terms of her esthetics. Working at the joint of avant-garde and conceptuality, she is the most commercially successful Russian designer.

Style by Vassa&Co is determined by a strict silhouette, clear lines, reserved elegance, expensive fabric, and love to minimalism. The designer herself presents her own form of femininity, where the idea of minimalism is expanded. Her formula reads “The less is more”, when beauty is born out of minimum details. The style of Vassa&Co stands out among other Russian designers with its laconism and strictness.

The woman by Vassa&Co is confident and attractive, she appreciates freedom of self-expression. She plays many social roles at once. She needs clothes that expresses self-sufficiency, but is also functional, something she feels confident in, but with that she never forgets about her own unique style. Nowadays being unbiased and just wearing what you like is a certain challenge. This is the distinct quality of all Vassa&Co lovers.

The ideal combination of creativity and business, charisma and talent of the designer, the experience of her partners and professionalism of her team became the key points of the success of Vassa&Co.



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