Coral Travel

The Coral Travel Company (Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Georgia) is a part of a large international organization of OTI Holding, founded in 1992. OTI Holding also owns companies such as Odeon Tours (Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Spain), Sunmar Tour (Russia), Royal Flight (Russia), Coral Travel Agency Chain (Russia, Ukraine), A-Class Travel (Russia, Turkey), Wezyr Holydays (Poland), Holiday Market Service (Turkey), OGD Security & Consultancy (Turkey) and hotels, such as Otium Eco Club Side 5 *, Xanadu Resort Hotel 5 *, Otium Seven Seas 5*, Otium Hotel Life 5*. Coral Travel offers the best hotels and resorts in 28 countries - Turkey, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Morocco, Israel, UAE, China, Cuba, India, Mauritius, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, the Maldives, Vietnam, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mexico, Cambodia, Jordan, Andorra, Austria, Russia. It is constantly working to open new directions. The tour operator organizes group and individual FIT tours based on our own charter flights and scheduled flights, engaged in the development of incentive, convention, sports and other types of tourism, as well as actively selling tickets online. Programs of air transportation are carried out on a charter airline and regular basis from all Moscow airports and more than 37 cities of the Russian Federation, 7 cities in Ukraine, 2 cities of Belarus, 10 cities of Poland and several cities in Turkey.
The company pays great attention to quality management and human resources. The Coral Travel brand is positioned in the Russian market as a mark of quality and reliability, which imposes a special responsibility on the Company and is an incentive for further development and improvement.
Overall staff consists of about 5,000 people. Business of all parties of OTI group is developing rapidly due to the use of modern high-technologies, professional approach and continuous quality control. In 2014, the OTI Holding Company served more than 2 million 900 thousand people.