Timberland introduces a new generation of classic loafers

19.04.2022 - 31.05.2022

The updated legend is comfort, environmental innovation and progressive style.
The iconic Timberland moccasin model has been produced since 1978. For the Spring-Summer’22 season, Timberland presented two updated models made of premium quality genuine leather, complementing the classic silhouettes with a comfortable GreenStride ™ sole. In this way, the brand has combined the heritage of the past with environmental innovations and the progressive style of today.

Two updated models of moccasins and topsiders, GreenStride ™ Ray City EK+ for her and GreenStride ™ TBL ® Originals Ultra EK+ for him, are based on the classic model with hand stitching and grommets in three rows. The upper from classic moccasins is combined in them with a rough shoe sole made using GreenStride ™ technology.

The comfortable GreenStride ™ sole is made from plant-derived foam, which contains 75% sugar cane and rubber. Natural and renewable components are mixed into a single plastic mass, which naturally makes the sole light and comfortable. The ReBOTL ™ lining contains at least 50% nylon fibers from recycled plastic, and the sole made of foam material with EVA in the composition adds comfortable cushioning. The models will be released as part of the Earthkeepers ® series Edition from Timberland. As part of this series, moccasins are made of Regenerative Leather: this is supplied by farms engaged in regenerative agriculture. Their agricultural methods completely mimic natural processes, exclude the use of chemical fertilizers, which contributes to the restoration of the soil and the growth of biodiversity.

Traditionally, the best addition to moccasins in early May will be chinos and a plaid shirt, and closer to summer - shorts and a polo from Timberland.

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