We do beautiful frames since 1996!
We perform all types of work, including:
  • issued in a baguette painting, drawing, embroidery, batik
  • we produce mirrors with facets of all shapes and sizes
  • the plasticization of the image under the acrylic and glass
  • we print high quality images of large sizes on paper and canvas
  • sell hanging system for paintings for home and office
  • professionally restoring painting, drawing and framing frame
The time you order 3-5 days. If you are in a hurry, we can do it within an hour.
Our sales consultants with extensive experience will help you choose the right design option, the best value.
Looking for a gift? Here you can buy cheap reproductions and photographs, as well as original paintings and drawings by contemporary artists.
Regular customers, artists and decorators offer a system of discounts.
We welcome every customer and as faithfully executed modern embroidery, and painting of the XIX century. The secret is that we sincerely love our business and try to make the surrounding space beautiful for our customers. We offer to make sure, welcome to the KVADRAT!



09:00 - 22:00